Everything Distributors and Brokers Need to Know About FreshFry Pods

Here are Some Great Resources to Use for Selling FreshFry Pods

At FreshFry, we pride ourselves on being a team player and resource for our brokers and distributors. We want to be your ally so you can sell Pods easily and effortlessly. Take a look at these links to downloadable collateral that you can have on hand whenever you need them. 

What's in the Pod?

How do Pods work? 

Can I get a visual? 

Who Uses FreshFry Pods? 

  • Thousands of restaurants around the US and Canada are using Pods, and we're currently expanding globally. Pods are now available in Panama and the Bahamas. 

  • We've worked with many well known brands that have required NDAs, however we can share the results of their case studies

  • See how this international brand, known for their fried chicken and buttermilk biscuits, is estimated to save $22 million dollars a year from using Pods

  • See why FreshFry Pods work extremely well with fried chicken restaurants

What are the Benefits of Using FreshFry Pods?

What if My Customers Don't See the Results They're Looking for? 


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