FreshFry has Repurposed 10 Million lbs of Environmental Waste!

Transforming Waste into a Promising Future


On Earth Day of 2021, our founders Jeremiah and Jacob set a massive goal for FreshFry - that we would redeploy 10 million lbs of environmental waste by the end of 2021, and 1 billion lbs of waste by 2031

We are incredibly proud to say that in December of 2021, we achieved the first goal and repurposed 10 million lbs of environmental waste!

FreshFry Pods use proprietary technology to reuse plant-based food waste to filter and extend the life of frying oil. FreshFry, at it's core, is an environmental waste management company that uses oil filtration as it's primary means of achieving it's ultimate goal: to transform waste into a promising future.

We've helped thousands of restaurants move to a sustainable, fiscally advantageous, and high quality oil filtration process, and in turn, they've helped us achieve our ultimate goal in helping the environment. We honor the principles of sustainability through practice. We believe that it's time for the world to adopt practices that not only reduce waste, but creatively redeploy it.

"10 Million pounds of waste redeployed is a significant milestone for FreshFry. It gives validity to not only our ability to have positive impact in the world, but in a way that also creates upward mobility for others. I am proud to have a team who believes in the mission that waste can be valuable, and we must continue to push our mission forward. The world deserves it."
- Jeremiah Chapman

"10 Million Pounds?! Setting that goal initially made me nervous but when I saw the FreshFry Team coalesce around our #1 Core Value - it was just a matter of time. That Core Value is Impact is greater than Intent (People, Planet, Profit). Our flagship product, the Pod, personifies that value and allowed us to build a business, team and culture to crush reach our goal. We will continue to identify more and better ways to Transform Waste into a Promising Future so strap in!"

- Jacob Huff

We're headed in the right direction hit our 10-year goal of repurposing 1 billion lbs of waste by 2031, and we'd love for you to help us achieve this goal. Become a part of the movement toward user-friendly, eco-friendly kitchen products with FreshFry! Click here to purchase your first risk-free case of Pods, or click below to talk to a team member about how to start a trial at your restaurant. 


Let’s help your operation create an impact. On behalf of all of us at FreshFry, thank you for joining us.

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