What to Expect When You're Expecting FreshFry Pods

Here's What WILL and What WON'T Happen When You Start Using FreshFry Pods

So you've purchased your first case of FreshFry Pods and you're excited to start using them... but before you break open your first box of Pods, there's a few things to know. We want to be fully transparent about the results our customers get from using Pods, so here's a quick look at what will and won't happen during your first day, week, and month of using Pods. 

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Here's a quick view of what to expect with Pods. Click the image to download.

Day 1 of Using FreshFry Pods

On your first day of using FreshFry Pods, make sure you're starting with day 1 oil. That means you've changed out your oil, and you have fresh oil being used for the day. This is the optimal day to use a Pod that night, because Pods cannot reverse old oil. Pod work to eliminate and reduce impurities from start to finish. 

Note: It's also important to drop a Pod into the fryer while the oil is still hot/warm. This helps the oil circulate through the Pod. 

After your first night of using Pods, you may not see a "dramatic" difference in your oil's color, especially if you are currently getting 5 days or more of oil life. As previously stated, Pods remove the invisible impurities that make oil deplete faster. So to see the full results of Pods, you'll need to use Pods nightly until your oil is ready for discard. If you're getting 5 days of oil life right now, you can expect to get 6-8 days of oil life with FreshFry Pods. If you're only getting 2 days of oil life, you can expect to see 3-5 days using Pods. 

Pro tip: We recommend grabbing a Frying Oil Test Kit so you see your oil's quality quickly and clearly. 

Week 1 of Using FreshFry Pods

For *most* of our customers, 7 days of oil life tends to be the sweet spot. Some customers get more than 7 days, and others get less depending on how often and how much food they fry, but 7 days is a pretty good standard. 

By 7 days, you should be able to tell a difference in your oil quality before and after Pods. You may notice that your oil looks a bit lighter than before, your food tastes better and crispier, and your oil will also smell better. 

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Month 1 of Using FreshFry Pods

After your first month of using FreshFry Pods, you're going to notice benefits that go beyond your oil life and quality. You'll start to notice how much money, time, and labor you're saving. It's so easy to drop a Pod into the fryer at the end of a shift and take it out in the morning. The simplicity makes employees more likely to comply, and you can also always know if they used the Pods or not, because you'll be able to see if they're in the fryers. 

 Want to see how much money you can save by using Pods? Click below to try out our cost calculator and see how much you can save this year. 

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