What's in the Pod?

Here's What's Contained in the FreshFry Pod to Purify Frying Oil

We get a lot of questions about our proprietary blend of plant-based ingredients that go into our Pods. And while we can't share exactly how they're made, we realize that people care about what goes into their food. So, it's time we share.


The Pod starts with the scraps from USDA-grade rice harvesting. When rice is harvested, the shells are discarded. However, every plant has taken up minerals from the soil to stand tall and healthy in the sun. FreshFry takes the mineral-enriched shells, and using heat, we pop open the surface to attract impurities. We then bind the shells together with cellulose, minerals, and water, making the material ready for your frying oil.

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The Pod IS...

  • Safe to eat, and made only from approved materials and methods for food safety.
  • Built for deep frying: The upcycled rice scraps in Pods are specifically tailored for high heat, moisture, and an unpredictable environment in the kitchen.
  • The first of its kind: We use rice as the building block, but are treating the rice scraps with as much importance as the rice itself.

The Pod is NOT...

  • Biodegradable... YET. Pods only decompose. Science hasn’t caught up with biodegradable papers that withstand high heat without altering the oil. That is why we are leading the charge to develop it.
  • Hazardous. They are safe to use, eat and touch. (There are just better things to eat, like the food that you make.) Made with a harsh manufacturing process. We only use heat, pressure, and water; the same things you use in your kitchen.
  • Made with a harsh manufacturing process.

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The FreshFry Difference

FreshFry Pods make a big impact in your kitchen, using a small energy footprint. Our technology ensures better-tasting food by removing unhealthy contaminants in oil through daily, repeated use. See the impact on your bottom line quickly, because clean oil from Pods prevents fryer build-up and extends the overall life of your frying oil investment. 

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