Filtering Fryer Oil the Best Way

The Easiest, Quickest, and Safest Way to Filter Frying Oil

Standard oil filtration methods are dangerous, time consuming, and a total pain in the neck. When it comes to filtering fryer oil, technology has come a long way. Meet the best way to filter frying oil - FreshFry Pods.

Case Study: Top 10 QSR Chicken Chain to Save 22.23 Million with FreshFry Pods


Filtering Fryer Oil with FreshFry Pods

FreshFry Pods are the greatest restaurant tech solution to be developed in years! Filtering fryer oil has never been easier, because all you have to do is drop a Pod into the fryer at the end of the night, and take it out in the morning. The Pod works overnight to filter out all of the bad stuff, like water, free fatty acids (FFA), polymers (the things that make the build up around the fryer-it's actually plastic!) and trace metals (ex. iron that comes from chicken). No more oil burns, no more tedious paper and powder filtering, no more headache - none of it! See how the Pod works below.

As you can see, Pods make filtering fryer oil so easy. Along with the time saved from filtering, Pods come with some really great benefits. 

  1. When you use Pods, you're helping the environment. That's because Pods are make with recycled plant-waste. Not only do you give that waste a purpose, but you'll cut down on the amount of waste your restaurant produces, because you can use your oil longer, which means using less oil each year. 
  2. Pods will never have an adverse side effect on your oil. Some chemical filtration methods require 100% compliance in order to be effective, and skipping a day of filtration could cause oil to deplete faster. Skipping days of Pods will not harm our oil whatsoever.
  3.  On average, restaurants save $4,000 per fryer per year using Pods. Pods extend frying oil life so you can use it longer. This means more money in your pockets at the end of each month. 
  4. There's no risk in trying Pods. We guarantee your first case, so there's no worry in not getting your money's worth. If you try Pods and they're just not for you, we'll buy your first case back from you.

Pods do a lot of good for your oil but they won't catch crumbs and particulates. So, you will still need to use a form of strainer to get the crumbs.

Filtering fryer oil with Pods is one of the best decisions you can make for your business! Click below to try your first risk-free case, and see the FreshFry difference for yourself. 


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