CASE STUDY: QSR Fried Chicken Concepts and FreshFry Pods

See Why Fried Chicken Concepts THRIVE When Using FreshFry Pods

Crispy, flavorful, juicy fried chicken is arguably the king of all fried foods. Nothing quite compares to high quality fried chicken, but so many restaurants ignore the most important ingredient when making the delicious dish: the frying oil. Fried chicken naturally absorbs a good amount of oil, and if the oil isn't right, the final product won't be either. In order to ensure the quality of your chicken, you have to ensure the quality of your oil. The easiest and most effective way to do that? Use FreshFry Pods to purify your oil. 

Nashville's Hattie B's Treats Frying Oil as an Ingredient >>

FreshFry Pods Purify Frying Oil

FreshFry Pods remove the elements that negatively impact frying oil. Pods adsorb polymers, trace metals, water, salt, FFAs, and other materials like a magnet. With all of these elements cleared from the oil, the only thing left to enter your chicken is flavor and the golden, crispy texture. 

The Proof is in the Pods

But don't just take our word for it, take a look at the data. We collected the data from 3 different QSR fried chicken concepts who all use Pods, and created an easy-to-read sheet with everything you need to know. We impacted these restaurants food quality, oil usage, labor needs, and their bottom lines. 

Click below to download the case study and see the impact Pods could make at your restaurant. 

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