We see 2-4 day life extension, but it depends on practices and volume. The answer can be different for different users.Contact us and we will help set success benchmarks based on your operations and goals.

Start FRESH! Always start with a clean, boiled-out fryer and fresh oil. The Pod is effective in slowing oil breakdown, not reversing it.

Always place the Pod in hot oil. The heat activates the material and allows it to attract the impurities. You will notice the Pod swelling. This means the Pod is activated and is creating a suction inside the material. When the oil is hot, it physically circulates in the fryer approximately 20 times per minute. The Pod takes advantage of that circulation in order to come into contact with all of the oil. This movement occurs for approximately 4 hours until the oil is too cool to move on its own. After the oil cools, the Pod will deflate and be ready to remove the next morning. Do not forget to squeeze the Pod to drain the excess oil, because cold oil does not always drain easily.

Water, free fatty acids (FFA), polymers (the things that make the build up around the fryer-it's actually plastic!) and trace metals (ex. iron that comes from chicken). Pods will not remove crumbs or solid particles, so skimming the oil for solids is recommended.

Immediately! The Pods will begin to adsorb the impurities at high temperatures and the heat allows the Pod to work effectively.

Each Pod is one-time use and then can be safely thrown in the trash.

We use all-natural plant-based materials grown in the US. Everything is food safe with absolutely no allergens. We found the best renewable source for the job of refreshing frying oil safely. The exact recipe is proprietary.

This product contains no allergens.

It is a second use product created from the waste of plants that have no nutritional value when eaten. It is redirecting waste to a useful application that reduces oil consumption.

Never open the Pod! Just place the entire Pod in the fryer basket right after turning it off for the night and let it soak.

In the rare event of a Pod tear, take a photo and contact us atsupport@freshfry.me.The material inside is food safe and can be filtered out like crumbs.

Pods are safe at normal frying conditions. We do not recommend using Pods at temperatures higher than 475°F (which is almost unheard of - most oils will catch on fire before this).

Yes! The quality of your oil determines how quickly it reaches the point of discard. Premium oils, likeZTF, have higher stability, a higher level of antioxidants and better prevention of flavor transfer. Pods simply remove the impurities that attack oil. The Pods will not turn commodity oils into premium oils, but it helps every oil perform at its best.

Yes, Pods adsorb the degradation products, like ffa and trace metals, from frying oils, and are just easier to use.

Due to Pods ease-of-use, restaurants experience higher rates of compliance and see as good or better oil life when compared to other frying oil cleaning products. To achieve the longest lifetime and maintain the quality of your frying oil we recommend that you continue to filter and/or skim your oil to remove food residue from the oil on an as-needed basis.

Oil may appear darker the first few days of using Pods compared to Magnesol because Magnesol bleaches the oil. Pods will create a more stable, longterm quality result. Always use a Frying Oil Test Kit to test your oil!

Pods have a two-year shelf life when left unopened.

If you want to see the maximum oil life extension, you should continue with your current process to filter fryer oil and bolt on Pod usage at night. If you want an easier process, that is possible with the Pods, but the savings will not be as dramatic.

The Pod itself is gluten-free and will not add gluten to the oil, but it also will not make the oil gluten free.

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