Case Study: Top 10 QSR Chicken Chain to Save 22.23 Million with FreshFry Pods

A Well-Known Regional Fried Chicken Concept Reduces Employee Turnover and Oil Filtration Time with Pods, and Gain Much More

FreshFry was approached by a regional fried chicken chain with a cult-like following. This chain operates a full-menu at all operating hours, and their fried food items include ta variety of seasoned chicken, fries, and a fish sandwich, and they're best known for their delicious buttermilk biscuits.

The customer approached us to find out if FreshFry Pods could help them solve the operational problems they were having. With a high employee turnover rate, they wanted to make their employees' jobs easier and more enjoyable. They also understood that with inflation and gas prices rising, customers weren't eating out and going through drive-thus as often. Ensuring that their customers thoroughly enjoyed each experience was paramount for repeat business.

Blind Taste Test Shows Customers Can Taste the FreshFry Difference >>

Their goals in using Pods were to:

  1. Reduce Filtration Time
  2. Increase Employee Satisfaction and Safety
  3. Improve Oil Management Compliance
  4. Achieve Quality Oil-life Extension
  5. Prove Positive P&L Impact

The customer was using standard oil filtration practices before trialing Pods. These practices tend to be time consuming, dangerous to employees, and have low compliance. This low employee adoption was putting food quality at risk. Their filtering time was 12 minutes a day, and their employee compliance was at 42%.

Many restaurants believe that they are too short staffed to implement new technology and operational practices. However, this customer's decision to undergo this trial during a nation-wide labor shortage was intentional.

Being short-staffed was precisely why they were trying new innovations to make the systems and processes easier.

With their mission to "Win the hearts of our customers by delivering quality and service all day, every day," utilizing Pods to elevate their customer experience was a no-brainer. 

  • Trial 1.0: Make filtration easier and quicker while maintaining oil shelf life.
  • Trial 2.0: Improve employee job satisfaction though quality oil and food management.
  • Trial 3.0: Test Pods with new shortening supply options to further cut down on oil costs.

After a three-phase trial, the results were astounding!

FreshFry Pods helped this brand meet and surpass its established KPIs.

  1. Pods added between +2 and +5 days of quality oil life.
  2. Brand will save between $7-$22 million annually with whole-system adoption.
  3. Filtration time reduced to 5 minutes, freeing up 1 hour of labor per store, per day.
  4. Product compliance increased from 42% to 72%.
  5. 97% of the team loved using Pods.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg! The customer also significantly reduced the number of oil changes per year as well as their waste. If Pods can achieve these kinds of results for a regional chain restaurant, imagine what they can do for YOUR restaurant. Click below to download the full case study and see the impact Pods can make.

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