Tips for Testing FreshFry Pods

Get Maximum Results when Trying Pods in Your Kitchen

FreshFry Pods are the easiest, safest, and most effective way to purify frying oil. In fact, they're so easy, sometimes users want to over complicate them. There are a few details that are important to remember when testing Pods in your kitchen, so we're laying out the best practices to follow so you can get the most out of Pods. 

#1: Have a Baseline/Test Your Current Oil

To really see the results (usually a 2-3 day oil life extension), you'll need to have a concrete baseline for knowing when you need to change your oil. Simply looking at the color of your oil when it's inside the fryer is not an effective method for testing it's quality. Oil looks completely different inside the fryer than it does with our Frying Oil Test Kits. A test kit confirms that your oil is ready to be discarded. This helps you see how many days of oil life extension you're really getting with Pods. 

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#2: Drop a Pod on the First Day of New Oil

Pods cannot reverse bad oil. If you start using Pods on day 4, you won't see the full results Pods can achieve. After your oil change day, cook all day like normal, and then drop your first Pod. This way you will get to see their full effects. 

#3: Drop it While it's Hot

Pods work best in warm or hot oil because it helps the oil circulate through the Pod. So go ahead and turn off your fryer, and drop a Pod right after. 

#4: Give Pods Time to Show You Their Magic

Some customers get discouraged when they don't see an immediate difference in their oil color after night 1 or 2. This is normal. Pod results are best evaluated on the later days of oil life. If you're currently getting 5 days of oil life, you can expect to get 6-8 with Pods. Make sure you cross over your baseline before deciding if Pods are working for you. 

5#: Look for the "Hidden" Benefits of Pods

While the main goal of Pods is to save our customers money on their astronomically high oil expenses, there are a few other benefits that make FreshFry Pods extra wonderful for oil purification. 

  • Pods save you time. It's so simple to drop a Pod at the end of a shift, much easier than many other oil filtration methods
  • Pods save on labor. It only takes 1 person to drop the Pods in. 
  • Pods save on training. It's so simple to train employees how to use Pods. Not to steal GEICO's thunder, but it's so easy a caveman could do it.
  • Pods improve food flavor. The materials contained in Pods help attract trace metals, FFAs and other unwanted chemicals that make oil taste and smell bad. Fried food quality is always ensured with Pods. 
  • Pods are convenient. Restaurants can subscribe & save on Pods and have them delivered right to their door when they're needed. No worries about forgetting to reorder. 
  • Pods are risk-free! We'll send you a Pilot Pack which includes a case of Pods and a Frying Oil Test Kit for FREE with a 5 minute discovery call. 

Ready to give Pods a try? Click below to request your Pilot Pack. 

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