Does Your Frying Oil Look Darker with Pods? It's an Optical Illusion! Here's Why

If Your Oil Looks "Darker" or You Haven't Seen a Change in Color After Using Pods, It's Not the Oil, It's How You're Looking at it

There are a lot of benefits to using FreshFry Pods that go beyond oil life extension, such as saving time and labor on filtration. The ultimate goal for most of our clients, however, tends to be getting an extra 1-2 days of oil life. 

We've heard a lot of feedback over the years that oil doesn't look any lighter when operators look in their fryers after using Pods. The reason for this is it's an optical illusion. 


The above photo shows the EXACT same oil in 3 different containers. If you look at the largest container, you would think that this oil needs to be discarded immediately. Look at it in the second container, and you would likely think you can use it for maybe 1 more day. But looking at the oil in our oil testing kit, you can see that this oil is perfectly good to be used for another 2-3 days depending on your brand's standards. 

This is why we ALWAYS recommend a test kit along with your purchase of FreshFry Pods. If you want to see the true results of using Pods, you need to be able to see them clearly.

Oil looks so much darker in the fryer, it's important to use a Frying Oil Test Kit even if you're not using Pods. A test kit will let you know when to throw out your oil so that you're not throwing it out too soon. You could be losing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year by throwing away your oil too soon and have no idea. 

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