Happy World Vegan Day!

FreshFry is Proud to be Certified Vegan 

World Vegan Day

November 1 is World Vegan Day - a holiday close to our hearts because FreshFry Pods are certified vegan! This means that our Pods contain only plant-based materials. FreshFry Pods do not contain animal products or byproducts, and they have never been tested on animals. More and more restaurants recognize a growing vegan market, and the lifestyle of veganism is becoming more popular in the mainstream. Having products in a restaurant that are vegan friendly are a must with todays cultural trends, and having a vegan option on a menu is necessary to accumulate repeat customers. Even customers who are not vegan like to know that a vegan option exists on a menu to accommodate vegan or vegetarian friends. Some people who follow a very strict vegan lifestyle like to know that even the oil that their fries or other fried vegan food is cooked in doesn't also cook animal proteins. 

What's the difference between "Vegan" and "Plant Based?"

Veganism is a lifestyle that focuses on a plant based diet, avoiding animal products and biproducts, and advocating for animal rights. Plant based refers to a diet that only consists of plant foods, but someone can follow a plant based diet without being a vegan. For example, someone who wears a fur coat or carries a leather bag but follows a plant based diet is not considered to be a vegan.  

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