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The Science

• FreshFry Pods are made from plant shells, and are invented by an award-winning Chemical Engineer.
• We carefully heat the plant shells until the surface "opens" creating tiny pores that readily attract and catch the water, metals, and acids that come from the food and destroy your oil
• The Pods extend oil life by maintaining your good oil.
• When acids, moisture and gummy oil polymers are removed, the result is improved food quality and extended oil life.
• Customers see an average of 2-3 days of oil life extension when adding Pods to their nightly checklist.


The Impact

Cost Savings

Frying oil is a top three food cost for restaurants, so well-trained staff cleaning oil to save money is a must. In 2021 alone, frying oil costs have reached over 300% over 2020 lows. Pods reduce total frying oil costs by 25% on average.

Easy to Use

Labor shortages are the top challenge for 72% of operators. Pods require no additional equipment or movement of hot oil. Employees can be trained to use it within minutes, and dropping a Pod takes less than 30 seconds a fryer.

Distributed Nationally Through Sysco

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