How It Works

The only plant-based technology
on the market. Drop it while it's hot!

Step 1:

Step One: Place Pod in the Fryer

Step 2:

Step Two: Let Pod soak overnight

Step 3:

Step Three: Remove the Pod the next day.

Step 4:

Step Four: Throw in the trash.
FreshFry Pods in the fryer

The Science

• The Pods extend oil life by maintaining your good oil.
• FreshFry Pods are made from plant shells.
• We carefully heat the plant shells until the surface "opens", creating tiny pores that attract and catch the water, metals, and acids that come from food and destroy your oil.
• When acids, moisture and gummy oil polymers are removed, the result is improved food quality and extended oil life.
• Customers see an average of 2-3 days of oil life extension when adding Pods to their nightly checklist.

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The Impact

Cost Savings

Frying oil is a top three food cost for restaurants, so well-trained staff cleaning oil to save money is a must. In 2021 alone, frying oil costs have reached over 300% over 2020 lows.

Pods reduce total frying oil costs by 25% on average.

Easy to Use

Labor shortages are the top challenge for 72% of operators. Pods require no additional equipment or movement of hot oil. Employees can be trained to use it within minutes.

Dropping a Pod takes less than 30 seconds a fryer.

Distributed Nationally Through Sysco

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