The Deep Fry Filter You Need to Know About

This Frying Oil Filter is a Game Changer!

Filtering frying oil can be a long, tedious, and dangerous process. It's even one of the most hated tasks of restaurant employees. Using MagnesolⓇ or other complicated oil filtration processes could be causing your oil to deteriorate faster if employees aren't 100% compliant. This costs you more money in the long run, and it also decreases your employee retention rate if they dislike your filtration process. But there's an amazing solution that can solve all of these problems at once. The deep fry filter you need to know about? They're called FreshFry Pods


What are FreshFry Pods?

FreshFry Pods are the easiest, fastest, and most effective way to filter frying oil, and they use repurposed plant-waste to do it. To filter frying oil with FreshFry Pods, all employees need to do is to drop a Pod in each fryer at the end of the night. The Pod works overnight to filter out impurities that deplete oil life. On average, we see a 2-3 day oil life extension. This means you can use your oil longer and change it out less often, which equals money in your pockets. It's the deep fry filter that keeps on giving!

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What makes Pods the best deep fry filter? 

  • Unlike many powder filtrations, Pods will not deteriorate your oil if you accidently skip a day.
  • Employees are more likely to be compliant with Pods vs other filtration practices because they're easy to use, and managers can always tell the next morning if a Pod was used the previous night - the proof is right in the fryer. 
  • Pods save you massive amounts of time and labor - they only take 30 seconds to use!
  • Pods contain no harmful chemicals, and they filter out harmful compounds that form when oil is reheated numerous times. 
  • Pods are environmentally friendly - they use repurposed plant-waste to filter out all the bad stuff. 
  • Pods even make your food taste better because they adsorb unwanted flavors from your oil. Your food will always be FRESH!

Click here for an instructional video on how to use Pods >>

What's all the hype about FreshFry Pods? 

Is there anything Pods CAN'T do?

Yes. FreshFry Pods won't absorb crumbs and food particles left behind during the frying process, so we recommend skimming your oil to remove solid particles. Pods also cannot reverse oil depletion - they work best with day 1 oil so they can remove the invisible impurities upfront before they begin to turn oil. With these two things in mind, Pods make a great addition to filtration practices you may already have in place, and can replace some filtration practices as well. The best thing to do is talk to a FreshFry team member to find out what would work best for your restaurant. 

Ready to put this deep fry filter to the test?

Purchase your first risk-free case of Pods here. Or click below to talk to one of our team members about setting up a trail for FreshFry Pods! 

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