Case Study: Home Run Burgers & Fries Saves $4,155 With FreshFry

See how Home Run Burgers & Fries saved thousands on fry oil costs with FreshFry Pods

Home Run Burgers & Fries

When it comes to great food, Home Run Burgers & Fries hit it out of the park. (rimshot - we’ll be here all week.) Home Run is anchored to real food and excellent service, and they pride themselves on frying with premium oil and strong operations. They wanted to be able to serve great food while extending the life of their oil and reducing valuable time spent on filtering it, all while maintaining their core values. That’s where FreshFry came in - we set out to extend Home Run’s oil life, save them time and oil costs, and reduce their labor cost for machine filtering. By using FreshFry Pods, Home Run Burgers & Fries was able to:

  • Increase oil life from 7 days with machine filter to 11 days with ONLY the Pod ($900 in oil profit, per fryer per year).

  • Reduce weekly machine filtering ($910 in labor savings per year).

  • Decrease fryer boil out frequency and labor ($424 per year).

  • Decrease filter machine filter pad ($121 per year).

  • Total average savings per store:  $4,155 annually.


Download the case study to see how Home Run Burgers & Fries was able to accomplish these savings by using FreshFry Pods.


Home Run Burgers & Fries
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