The Best Oil to Fry Fish

Get ready for Lenten Fish Fries


With the Lenten Season approaching, restaurants are gearing up for the influx of fish demand on Fridays for the next six weeks. Catering to religious and dietary needs is an excellent way to ensure happy, repeat customers for years to come - especially when that food is really spectacular. So, to ensure that your Fish Fries are on point this year, here's what we recommend as the best oil to fry fish, as well as the best way to prevent the transfer of fishy flavors to your other deep fried menu items. 

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In order to get that delicious, golden brown, full-flavored crisp, your fish needs to be fried at the perfect temperature - between 365-375°F. This means you'll need an oil that has a high smoke point. It's also important to consider flavor profiles and what oils compliment the natural flavors of the fish and batter you choose. 

The Best Oil to Fry Fish

The best oil to fry fish is any vegetable oil with a high smoke point and neutral flavor. Here are some options:

Canola Oil
Smoke Point: 400 Degrees
Bonus Points: It has high levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, making it a healthier option.

Coconut Oil
Smoke Point: 450 Degrees
Bonus Points: It's one of the healthiest options for deep frying, and it naturally helps reduce flavor transfer between batches of frying.

Peanut Oil
Smoke Point: 450 Degrees
Bonus Points: Peanut oil is affordable and is less likely to transfer flavors.

    The Best Way to Prevent Flavor Transfer

    Fish is... fishy. The flavor of fried fish has strong flavor transfer and can be tasted when chicken, fries, and other fried food is cooked in the same oil. While peanut oil and coconut oil are less likely to hold the fried flavor profiles, there's only one way to ensure low flavor transfer and guarantee great fried food every time - that's by using FreshFry Pods to filter your oil

    FreshFry Pods use plant-waste technology to adsorb the components that make oil smokey, nutty, fishy, or burnt in flavor. Pods filter out the properties that deteriorate oil, so they create delicious, crispy food from every fry. They're easy to use too - just drop a Pod in each fryer every night and take them out in the morning. Ready to give Pods a try? Click below to try grab your first case of Pods risk-free!


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