O.P.P. by FreshFry: Oil Analysis for When to Dispose of Frying Oil

Optimal Performance Point (OPP)  - Oil Analysis to Find the Perfect Time to Dispose of Frying Oil


Frying oil is a big investment for most restaurants, and throwing away oil before it's reached it's burnout point basically means throwing money down the drain. But, throwing away your oil too late, (gutter oil), means you could be serving low-quality food below your brand's standards. Knowing your restaurant's "sweet spot" will help you save thousands of dollars each year in oil costs, while also preserving your culinary integrity. To help you do this, FreshFry is now offering a service called OPP: Optimal Performance Point for restaurants to find the perfect day to dispose of frying oil. 

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What is OPP?

OPP is an oil analysis that helps you determine your oil's discard point. We measure your oil levels through a 4-point scientific data collection that indicates when your oil has reached its spoiling point so you never again throw away good frying oil and never again serve food that's been cooked in poor oil. 

What's Measured with OPP? 

During your oil analysis, we'll measure for:

  • Oil Oxidation
  • TPM (Total Polar Materials)
  • Soap
  • FFA (Free Fatty Acids)

 These markers provide the scientific data we need to determine your oil discard point. 

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What's Included with OPP? 

After your oil analysis, you'll receive:

  • A customized Frying Oil Test Kit that matches the color of your oil at its optimal discard point. This provides a clear, fast, and simple way to know when to throw out your frying oil. 
  • An Oil Analysis Dashboard - Your 4-point oil analysis results will be presented in an easy-to-read format with insights to help you understand how this shows up for your guests.
  • SOP Documentation - We'll equip your brand with a new Standard Operating Practice (SOP) document for frying to ensure your new quality program sticks.

You Down with OPP? 

OPP is the game changer you didn't know your restaurant needed. It will help you save money across your brand, delight guests with incredible food, and raise the bar for your operations. It's simple. Know when to dispose of frying oil, save your precious dollars. Ready to get started with your oil analysis? Click here to request more information about OPP for your restaurant

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