Case Study: Senior Living Community Saved More Than Just Money by Using FreshFry Pods

FreshFry Helped Reduce the Cost, Labor, and Risk for This Senior Living Community

Senior Living Community FreshFry Pods

FreshFry partnered with a national senior living community (Operator) to help them reduce consumption of frying oil. We also conducted a labor and risk analysis for the Operator based on their current standard operating practices. Standard practice includes large frying oil drum movement, which can lead to minor slip and strain injuries, and hot oil transfers, indicating likely severe burn and slip injuries for workers assigned to these oil changing duties.

This cost, labor, and risk analysis was conducted over a two-week trial period.

The results of this trial were astounding! The Senior Living Community was able to: 

  • Reduce oil consumption by 73% per week
  • Save $467,048 for all Operator locations
  • Reduce labor time by 6,448 hours for all Operator locations
  • Reduce risk and potential workers comp claims by 67% - an estimated annual risk reduction of $550,368 

"I definitely noticed a better longevity of the oil using the pods overnight. We cut our oil changes from what would have probably been 4-5 changes over the past 14 days to just 2 changes without jeopardizing the quality of food being cooked in the oil.”

- Kristopher F., Director of Food Service

Click below to download the full case study and see how FreshFry Pods can save you thousands on oil consumption, labor, and potential worker's comp claims. 

Senior Living Community
Case study

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