FreshFry Turns 8!

Here's 8 Reasons to Love FreshFry

Today is FreshFry's 8th birthday! Since 2014, we've grown from Jeremiah creating better bio-diesel for The University of Louisville to a plant-based solution for thousands of commercial kitchens across the world! In the last 8 years, we've accomplished some incredible things. To celebrate, here are 8 reason to love FreshFry!

"At one time Pods were made up of two coffee filters stapled together, and are now available both nationally and internationally. Seeing that entire journey has been something I'll never be able forget, or thank everyone who was a part of it."

- Ben Yates, Business Development Manager

1. We redeployed 10 million lbs of waste. 

This goal was set for us to complete by the end of 2021, and we made it happen! At it's core, FreshFry is a waste repurposing company. We look for ways to find a purpose for waste so it can take up less space on our planet. As Jeremiah has said in Authority Magazine, "Waste is valuable, you just have to know how to look at it." 10 million lbs isn't enough though. We pledge to redeploy 1 billion lbs of waste by 2031. 

"We are taking an industry that is notorious for hurting the environment and doing everything we can to flip that on it’s head!"

- Sean Madden, Sales Development Representative


"I want the world to know that FreshFry is committed to making the world a better place by upcycling and redeploying waste, and to being part of the solution and not part of the problem. Proud to have the opportunity contribute to this mission."

- Tracy Jackson, Production Planner


"We're using the sustainable source, Agriculture waste scraps, to generate value to cooking oil usage. We are a small team, innovating to change the frying oil industry and restaurant world from the way it's been."

- Dr. Veerendra Atla, Lead Research & Development Scientist

2. We take pride in our company culture. 

FreshFry strives to create a high quality environment for everyone who comes in contact with our company. Be it a customer, a sales rep, or our employees. We take pride in providing exceptional customer service with everything from our onboarding calls to our guaranteed case policy. And when it comes to great places to work, FreshFry takes the cake! Our high employee retention rate speaks for itself, and we're proud of the growth that's taken place over the past couple of years. But don't take our word for it, hear it from our employees!

"I'm beyond grateful for the work/life balance and advancement opportunities FreshFry provides! This is by far the best job I've ever had. It's such a relaxed environment with high employee morale. On top of all of that, I love coming to work every day knowing that I'm contributing to a cause that's changing the world. I feel beyond lucky and blessed to be a part of FreshFry's mission."

-Wesley Setzer, Product Marketing Lead


"My favorite thing about FreshFry is the diversity in work that we do combined with the team effort and thought we put behind our solutions to problems. In many cases we are dealing with one-of-a-kind problems that cause us to think outside-the-box. We often have to ask ourselves, 'what is a good result' or 'how we know we are doing our jobs well?' It is a much different mindset than going into work to repeat the same task 100x before the end of your shift."

- River Braden, Chemical Engineering Co-op


"The sheer talent at FreshFry is amazing! We love a big idea, and never let a chance to high-five a team member for their accomplishments go to waste."

- Melissa Hines, Marketing and Creative Manager


"What I am most proud of is our team. No matter what, we suit up daily and get our hands dirty. Proud to stand with our people to push our mission."

- Jeremiah Chapman, Co-Founder & CEO


"My favorite thing about FreshFry is our people!"

- Jacob Huff, Co-Founder & COO


"We have a strong PodSquad/FreshFam vibe in our culture."

-Chris Abrams, Director of Sales

3. We're a partially Black-Owned company.

Jeremiah Chapman was recognized by Forbes Magazine's 30 Under 30 and holds a B.S. and master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Louisville Speed School, graduating cum laude. He's also been named among the Most Influential Suppliers/Vendors in the US by Nation’s Restaurant News, and named an Emerging Entrepreneur by the Kentucky Entrepreneur Hall of Fame. 

"Jeremiah was a big reason for why I chose to work for FreshFry - his passion and hunger to change the world in undeniable. He made me want to be part of this mission, and I'm proud to work toward making his vision come to life."

- Wesley Setzer, Product Marketing Lead

4. The Pod works - and it works REALLY well. 

We have some incredible data from trialing our Pods in big name QSR concepts. In one, we're predicting a $22 million savings this year. In most trials, we've achieved 2-5 days of oil life extension. Their customer satisfaction rates are soaring with survey results ranging from 98% to 100% positivity. Their employee compliance with Pods ranges from 78%-100%, compared to some concepts only seeing 43% compliance with Magnesol®. The Pod works. It really, really works. 

"People deserve to eat food cooked in clean oil, and it doesn't take an artificial chemical to make that happen."

- Melissa Hines, Marketing and Creative Manager

 5. Pods are made in the USA.

As Ben Yates said, the Pod was once made up of two coffee filters stapled together, and now they're being made in our Louisville, KY warehouse and available both nationally and internationally. We proud to be creating more jobs for our local community. 

“FreshFry is proud to help reinforce the city’s reputation of growing sustainable brands. Louisville’s central location perfectly positions us to continue to grow and expand our mission: to transform waste into a promising future.”

- Jacob Huff, Co-Founder & COO

6. We're now available in Canada and working diligently to become available internationally.

This year we launched in Canada and we're taking the market by storm! Canada has a heart for helping the environment and adopting sustainable business practices. We're in the process of becoming available internationally, which will allow us even greater capacity to change the world!

"I’m most proud of FreshFry’s growth from servicing the Louisville, KY area to international markets within 4 years."

-Jake Lanning, Business Operations Manager

7. We've won some really cool awards and earned some top notch certifications. 

FreshFry Pods are certified Kosher, Halal, and Vegan. That's the magic of having a product that's 100% plant-based. And last year, we also won the AgTech Breakthrough Award for Overall Restaurant Tech Solution of the year.

"In 2021, we were honored as restaurant solution of the year, and in 2022, we were named as an influential supplier to the food and beverage industry. I'm proud of our brand's traction!"

- Melissa Hines, Marketing and Creative Manager

There's one award though, that will always have a special place in our hearts...

"My favorite accomplishment was being named a Sysco Gold Supplier for Corporate Social Responsibility in 2019."

- Jacob Huff, Co-Founder & COO

8. We're just getting started. 

FreshFry is on the brink of it's wildest dreams. With international expansion underway, as well as our R&D team creating even better products (more info to come soon), we're just getting started.

"One year ago we were pitching to a lodge with a few locations, today we're pitching to national and international QSR concepts, and that's something to celebrate." 

- Chris Abrams, Director of Sales


"Our story, growth and vision for the future is unmatched. It's truly infectious when people realize how fast things have happened, and who is seeing value in us. From Louisville restaurants to Global! 

We, meaning our friends, family, investors and customers, believe in our product and our mission. It's confirmation that the hard work and reason for showing up everyday means something bigger than yourself!"

- Ben Yates, Business Development Manager

 If you'd like to join in our mission to "Transform waste into a promising future," there's a few ways to do so. If you're work in a restaurant that fries, consider putting Pods to the test at your store, you won't be disappointed. If you don't work in a restaurant, but know someone who does, we have a great referral program. If you don't know someone who works at a restaurant, that's okay too, we need great advocates, and anyone can do that. We're greatly appreciative of anyone who will talk about FreshFry and all of the amazing things we're doing. 


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