Jeremiah Chapman Named Emerging Entrepreneur by the Kentucky Entrepreneur Hall of Fame

Celebrating Kentucky's Most Successful Entrepreneurs

 Kentucky Entrepreneur Hall of Fame


Photo by Erin Trimble Photography

Our very own FreshFry Co-Founder & CEO Jeremiah Chapman has been selected as an Emerging Entrepreneur Inductee by the Kentucky Entrepreneur Hall of Fame. 

He received the Emerging Entrepreneur Award on Tuesday, November 16, 2021, at the Entrepreneur Hall of Fame induction celebration, honoring Kentucky’s most successful entrepreneurs.  

In addition to Jeremiah, this year’s inductees include Matt Dawson of Wild Health and Nick Mattingly of Switcher Inc., representing the breadth of local innovation in Kentucky as it relates to the food, health, and media industries.  

The Kentucky Entrepreneur Hall of Fame is a physical and virtual destination that shares and celebrates the stories of Kentucky's most successful entrepreneurs. Their mission is to raise awareness of the impact that entrepreneurship has made in the Commonwealth and encourage others to pursue similar ambitious endeavors. 

Jeremiah's Work with FreshFry

Jeremiah won the award due to of the amazing work he's doing with FreshFry Pods the only plant-based, all-natural "pod" on the market containing a proprietary blend of ingredients that cleans and extends the life of frying oil used throughout the food service industry. FreshFry Pods generate savings to restaurant owners in areas such as less overall oil usage, reduced build-up of oil in and around fryers, and lower labor costs for maintenance and disposal of oil.  No additional capital expense or equipment is needed to clean oil when using FreshFry Pods.  With cleaner oil, restaurant owners can negotiate more favorable offtake agreements for oil disposal.  Consumers enjoy the benefits of cleaner oil through higher-quality food that looks better, tastes better, smells better, and provides an improved dining experience. 

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