Why Restaurants Should Reuse Fryer Oil

Three Reasons to Reuse Fryer Oil at Your Restaurant

As frying oil prices continue to rise, restaurants are faced with this added financial strain. There are many benefits and reasons to reuse fryer oil. Let's take a look at the top 3, as well as how to make sure your oil quality remains intact while reusing your oil.


1. Save Money When You Reuse Fryer Oil

Everyday you reuse fryer oil, you save tons of money, especially if you have numerous fryers. Even one day of extra oil life can save you big bucks over the course of the year. The reason a lot of restaurants don't reuse their oil is because of how quickly it turns. Having smokey, burnt oil will compromise the flavor of your food, and your customers may not be willing to give you a second chance. To make sure that you can reuse fry oil and keep it's quality intact, drop a FreshFry Pod into each of your fryers at the end of the night. 

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FreshFry Pods remove impurities out of your oil so you can use it longer. The Pods work overnight to purify oil. The results lead to crispier, and better tasting fried food. They also allow you to reuse fry oil longer. Our customers see anywhere from a 2-5 day oil life extension. That add up to major dollars over the course of a month, a year, or more. What could you do with all that cash? 

Aside from the savings aspect, we also hear from our customers how relieving it is to know that Pods are ensuring their food quality. Their food tastes just as great on day seven of their oil as it did on day one. 

"Even if you didn't get any extra days of oil life, wouldn't it give you peace of mind to know that your food tasted like it was cooked in day one oil on day four?" - Mike O'Brien, Olde Waterville Pizza Co.

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2. Save on Labor & Injury Risk When You Reuse Fryer Oil

When you reuse fryer oil, you're also saving a ton of time wasted on changing out your oil, and often time you're reducing employee injury, because moving hot oil risks frying oil burns. Reusing you oil helps to cut down on labor, as well as reducing employee injury risk

If you already reuse fryer oil, that's great! Our guess is you're probably using either a machine filter (awesome), or a chemical filtration like Magnesol®. Chemical powder filtrations are often very time consuming - employees need to spend 15 minutes twice a day filtering to reuse fryer oil. During that filtration process, they're also once again at risk for oil splatter burns, because they have to pour the oil over the filter paper and powder. If you want to eliminate this time consuming and risky task, FreshFry Pods are the perfect solution. 

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Because Pods work overnight, there's no need to take time out of the day to filter frying oil. Simply turn off the fryer, drop a Pod into the basket, and let it purify the oil overnight. It takes 4 seconds to place a Pod into each fryer. Compare that to 30 minutes a day with chemical filtrations. The best part? No injury risk! Employees don't have to move or pour out oil to use a Pod. The Pod does all the hard work for them. Imagine the crazy savings on employee injury comp! As an added bonus, employees LOVE Pods. They take a tedious, exhausting task, and basically eliminate it. No more sitting there waiting for the oil to filter out. Using the Pod is so simple!

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If you are using a machine filter in order to reuse fryer oil, that's great! Pods can help with the added benefit of removing the invisible impurities from your oil. We're talking the polymers, free fatty acids, and carcinogens that are created when oil is reused. Pods work to ensure you food quality, as well as giving you more days to reuse fryer oil. 

3. Save on Waste When You Reuse Fryer Oil

We hope that your restaurant is working towards sustainable business and operations practices so you can be part of the solution instead of the problem! With the world in the state that it's in, we need to do everything we can to protect it from further deterioration. When you reuse fryer oil, you cut down significantly on the waste you contribute to the world. Restaurants in the U.S. generate an estimated 22 to 33 billion pounds of food waste each year. But when you reuse fryer oil and purify it with FreshFry Pods, you become part of the solution.

FreshFry Pods are the first and only bio-based, self-contained oil-filtration product on the market. Our Pods are made primarily from rice agricultural waste, which would otherwise take up space in landfills. To date, we have repurposed/eliminated over 11 million pounds of oil and plant waste, and we pledge to repurpose 1 billion pounds of waste by 2031. 

If you're ready to save money, time, labor, and waste with an easy solution to oil purification, click below to try a risk-free case of FreshFry Pods at your restaurant. 


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