How to Filter Frying Oil with FreshFry Pods

A Step-By-Step Guide for Easy Implementation 

FreshFry Pods are the easiest and safest way to clean and reuse frying oil on the market. There are so many ways that employees could get hurt via traditional filtrations methods, and compliance to methods like using Magnesol® must be at 100% to see the desired effects. FreshFry Pods pose no inherent danger to employees, and if someone forgets to drop a pod at the end of the night, it's not the end of your oil's life. Here's a step-by-step guide for how to filter frying oil using FreshFry Pods. 

Step 1: Start With New, Clean Oil 

FreshFry Pods work best when they are introduced to new oil. The full, FreshFry cleaning power can not be seen when the pods are introduced a few days after the oil has already been used. So, on the day you change your oil out for fresh oil, that's the day you want to start using Pods. 

Step 1 FreshFry Pods

Step 2: Drop it While it's Hot!

At the end of the night time shift, drop a Pod into the fryer while the oil is still hot. There's no need to poke at the Pod or stir the oil. The FreshFry Pod will naturally begin to circulate the oil and clean it on its own. When you see the Pod mostly submerged with a bubble of air at the top, that's when you know it's working. 

Step 2 FreshFry Pods

Step 3: Leave the Pod in the Oil Overnight

The Pod works while you and your employees sleep, isn't that great? Let Pod soak overnight to catch water, acids, metals and other invisible impurities. This process is what extend the life and quality of your oil even more than other traditional methods, and also works well when paired with other methods. 

Step 3 FreshFry Pods

Step 4: Time for the Warm Up

The next day, turn on the fryer and let the oil drain from the Pod while it's warm. Feel free to squeeze out excess oil from the Pod so that you don't have to top off your oil as much. 

Step 4 FreshFry Pods

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Step 5: Toss the Pod

Once you've squeezed out the excess oil, simply dispose of the FreshFry Pod in the trash. It's work here is done. 

Step 5 FreshFry Pods

Can it really be that easy to filter frying oil?

It sure can! Click here to try your first risk-free case of FreshFry Pods, or click below to set up a trial to see the difference Pods make in your oil life and quality at your restaurant. 

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