Blind Taste Test Shows Customers Can Taste the FreshFry Difference

We Conducted a Blind Taste Test to See if FreshFry Pods Make a Difference in Food Flavor Profiles - the Results Were Astounding!

The quality of our product is important to us! We're always striving to provide the best oil purification system possible, and so we decided to put our Pods to the test. In September of 2021, we conducted a blind taste test to see if people could taste the difference between oil that was filtered with a FreshFry Pod vs oil that did not use a Pod for filtering. The results actually shocked us!

Blind Taste Test FreshFry Pods

The study gathered 9 customers to taste test two different batches of onion rings, and 5 customers to test two different batches of chicken wings. The oil these onion rings and chicken wings were fried in had been reused over the course of the work week for 4 days. We used a standard scale from 1-10 to determine the flavor and quality of the food fried in the two batches of oil: 1 representing unpleasant, smokey, bitter, or unlikeable flavor from the oil, and 10 representing no added flavor from the oil - only pure tasting food. 

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Once the customers read over the rating system, we presented them with the two batches of onion rings - one batch was cooked in oil that had been filtered with a FreshFry Pod over the course of 4 days, and the other had not been treated with a FreshFry Pod for 4 days. The graph below shows how the customers scored the FreshFry batch vs the unfiltered batch. 

FreshFry Taste Test Onion Rings

These results show that unanimously, the 9 customers surveyed rated the onion rings cooked in FreshFry filtered oil higher than the unfiltered batch. 

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We then used the first 5 customers that tasted the onion rings, and asked them to taste pure, unbreaded chicken wings. Again, one batch was fried in FreshFry filtered oil, and the other was fried in unfiltered oil. Below are the results:

FreshFry Wings Taste Test

The results were similar to the onion rings. Unanimously, the customers rated the taste of the chicken wings fried in oil filtered with FreshFry Pods higher than the unfiltered oil. 

The chart below shows how each customer surveyed the onion rings and chicken wings for the flavor profiles they picked up. 

FreshFry Taste Test Scores

On average, the customers rated the FreshFry filtered batch of onion rings 4.44 points higher than the unfiltered batch. Likewise, the customers rated the FreshFry filtered batch of chicken wings 3.2 points higher than the unfiltered batch. 

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This was the flavor profile difference of oil filtered over the course of just 4 days. FreshFry Pods make a big difference in the flavor and quality of the food you're serving at your restaurant - and we know you want to serve the highest quality food possible! Click here to chat with a team member about setting up a trial at your restaurant, or click below to grab a case to test the FreshFry Difference for yourself. 


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