The Perfect Frying Oil Temp for Common Cooking Oils

Here's How to Find the Perfect Frying Oil Temperature for Every Oil 

The Perfect Frying Oil Temp

With so many frying oils to choose from, there are a few things that you need to pay attention to when frying your food. Different oils have different properties, so the right frying oil temperature is different for each one. The best temperature to deep fry is between 350-375°F, so the best frying oils will have a smoke point that's higher than 375 so that they will be less likely to smoke the longer they're in use. Read below to lean the perfect frying oil temp for common oils so you can get it right every time. 

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  1. Butter has a smoke point of 300-350°F (149-175°C), so it is not a good choice for deep frying. 
  2. Coconut Oil's smoking point is between 350-385°F (175-196°C), so it may deteriorate faster at higher temperatures. It's best to keep coconut oil right at 350°F while cooking to preserve it for as long as possible. 
  3. Vegetable oil has a high smoke point of 400-450°F (204-230°C), so it fall right in the perfect frying oil temp of 350-375°F. 
  4. Corn oil is similar to vegetable oil coming in at 410-450°F (210-230°C). 
  5. Pure extra virgin olive oil is on the fragile side with a low smoke point of 325-410°F (163-210°C). If you do choose to use it to deep fry, make sure your oil stays stable at 350. 
  6. Animal lard is a great choice for deep frying with a smoke point of 370°F (188°C), just hold it steady between 350-365°F, and it's good to go. 
  7. Peanut oil smokes between 440-450°F (227-230°C), and you can find more info about peanut oil in our recent blog post
  8. Canola oil is always a solid choice with its smoke point between 400-450°F (204-230°C).
  9. Soybean oil is great for frying with a smoke point of 450-495°F (230-257°C).
  10. Avocado oil wins the big prize with an incredible smoke point of 520-570°F (271-299°C).

Now that you know the perfect frying oil temp for different oils, it's important to also know that no matter which oil you use, it will deteriorate when it's used multiple times for cooking. You can test the quality of your cooking oil quickly with our new Frying Oil Test Kits. We also offer FreshFry Pods that work to absorb and eliminate the major properties that make oil smoke and burn faster. Click here to grab a case of Pods and see the difference it makes in the life and quality of your cooking oil. 

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