Hattie B's Secret to Perfect Fried Chicken

Hear from Chef Brian Morris of Nashville's Hattie B's About the Secret to Perfect Fried Chicken

Nashville's Hattie B's is a restaurant chain with a cult-like following. Known for their hot chicken sandwich, this southern favorite knows how to fry chicken to that perfect, golden, crispy texture. 

Chef Brian Morris has a secret to what makes their fried chicken so delicious. Click below to see what he does to make sure his chicken is perfect for every customer who walks through the door. 

 The secret to perfect fried chicken, is pure, delicious cooking oil. Because they use their oil for frying AND put it in their sauce, pure tasting oil is a must for Hattie B's. 

Pure Frying Oil is the "Secret Sauce" for Great Fried Food

By using FreshFry Pods to purify their frying oil, they ensure that their food tastes just as amazing on their day 7 oil as it did on day 1. 

The reason why food tastes so good throughout the week of frying is because of what FreshFry Pods eliminate from the oil. Pods act like a magnet to adsorb polymers, FFAs, trace metals, salt, water, and other impurities that make oil degrade faster. When these impurities are removed, oil can continue to cook in a stable manner at high temperatures for longer periods of time. 

Food Quality is Everything

People are going out to eat less since inflation is on the rise. Restaurants can't afford to risk having low food quality for a single patron who walks through the door. Nowadays, one bad experience can mean losing a customer. So ensuring food quality is a MUST for restaurants who want to thrive in this economy. 

Save Money and Ensure Food Quality with FreshFry Pods

The great thing about Pods is that they also help restaurants save money on frying oil. We have a guaranteed case policy. If you don't see the results you need to see from Pods to make them worth it, we'll buy your first case back from you. That means there's no risk in trying them out!

Click below to try your first case of FreshFry Pods and see why Chef Brian Morris never cooks without them!


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