Frying Oil Disposal: Stop Losing Money on Good Frying Oil

Know Exactly When to Dispose of Frying Oil

If your restaurant is throwing away good frying oil too soon, you're also throwing away your hard-earned cash. As oil prices continue to skyrocket, it's more important than ever to know the optimal time for frying oil disposal. Knowing when to dispose of frying oil can save you hundreds, if not thousands a year in oil costs. Here's how to know when to dispose of frying oil. 


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What Causes Frying Oil to Go Bad? 

All good things must come to an end, so all frying oil, no matter how much it's purified and filtered, will eventually run out of quality. What makes oil turn faster is the oxidation process. The oxidation reactions lead to significant changes in the physical characteristics of frying oil during the frying process. Color becomes darker, smoking point decreases, viscosity increases due to polymerization, and dielectricity ascends due to the formation of polar degradation products. The 3 best ways to find your perfect frying oil disposal point is through color, TPM, and OPP

Check the Oil Color

Color is one of the quickest and easiest ways to know when to dispose of frying oil. You can know the quality of your oil in less than 30 seconds with a Frying Oil Test Kit that shows you the color of bad oil next to yours. An important thing to know though, is that the color of your oil is largely dependent on the food you fry. You will see less browning if you're only frying French fries, and more browning if you have breaded fried chicken, fried fish, and/or deep fried desserts going into your oil. So while color is a fantastic option for most restaurants, others need something a little more scientific to ensure their brand standards are met each and every time. 

Check the TPM

TPM is the Total Polar Materials in frying oil. TPM refers to all products present in frying oil due to the oxidation processes, including free fatty acids (FFAs), products of low molecular weight decomposition, and polymerized substances. TPM can be measured with TPM oil test strips, which will give you a good indication on when to dispose of frying oil. 


The one thing that color and TPM cannot tell you, is your own brand's standard of quality. Sure, you can make an educated guess on what measurement makes sense for your store, but if you want to make sure your food quality is assured for every guest who walks in your door, you'll want to take your oil quality assurance to the next level. 

Optimized Performance Point (OPP) is a service FreshFry provides to scientifically discover the perfect oil discard oil for our customers. When we evaluate your oil, we consider your menu mix, your brand standards, as well as your oil life as it is right now, verses what it can be with FreshFry Pods purifying that oil, giving you more days to use it. Interested in learning more about OPP? Click here to contact us and get started ensuring your brand standards today. 


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