Optimized Performance Point (O.P.P.)

Oil Analysis for Optimal Usage

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Do You Know When Your Frying Oil is Spoiled?

When is the exact right time for frying oil disposal?

OPP by FreshFry is a frying oil service designed to help you maximize your frying oil investment... quickly and for a simple, flat fee.

This oil analysis will help you standardize your frying oil discard point scientifically through a personalized process.

Better Oil Management

Avoid gutter oil - or worse, throwing away expensive oil
too soon.
Maximize your oil levels, investment, and create
simple processes that any team can maintain.

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How O.P.P. Works

We work with your chefs and fry cooks to analyze the quality of the "back half" of your frying oil during our oil analysis.

Then, based on the foods you fry and the oil you use, we complete a comprehensive oil quality profile measuring the oil levels with a 4-point scientific analysis:

- Oxidation
- TPM (Total Polar Materials)
- Soap
- FFA (Free Fatty Acids)

With O.P.P., your fried food will always be perfect, regardless of oil-type, menu mix or filtering procedure.

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