The Future is Now: FreshFry Pods are Reducing Food Waste in Restaurants

Our CEO, Jeremiah Chapman was recently featured on the Good Together Podcast to talk about how technology is reducing food waste, and why restaurants are having to make these considerations now more than ever. 

When dining at a restaurant, guests rarely put much thought into how wasteful the restaurant industry is. But behind the scenes, the waste is astounding.

According to the USDA, the restaurant industry loses $162 billion annually due to food waste


With the way inflation is going, as well as supply chain shortages, the restaurant industry is being forced to find ways to address its waste issue. Luckily, companies like FreshFry are already figuring out ways to make a difference. 

The restaurant industry uses a lot of oil. In fact, fry oil is a top food cost; restaurants and commercial fryers spend $80 billion on frying oil every year.

While there are ways for restaurants to extend the life of frying oil, it doesn’t take long for it to start affecting the taste. 

That's where FreshFry comes in.

In the episode of Good Together featuring Jeremiah that's mentioned above, He explains how FreshFry has created our upcycled, bio-based Pods from agricultural food scraps that reduce frying operations total costs by 25% on average and don’t require any equipment or the movement of hot oil - a huge bonus to reduce employee injury risk. 

“Your oil is in the back of your restaurant—it’s going to leave either in a good way or a bad way. The good way is you’re selling it in quality food. The bad way is you’ve got to throw it away because it’s gross,” he says. “So what FreshFry is trying to accomplish here is to keep your oil around long enough for it to be sold in quality food.”

Click below to listen to the Podcast and hear how Pods not only save restaurants money and waste, but they also help ensure the taste and quality of the fried food restaurants serve. 

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