OpsAnalitica and FreshFry Partner Together for Restaurant Sustainability

Restaurant Sustainability Just Got a Whole Lot Better

We're so excited to announce our new partnership with OpsAnalitica! This partnership will allow us to join forces in our efforts to help restaurants define and track sustainability.


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About OpsAnalitica

OpsAnalitica has combined their passions for hospitality and business process efficiency into a simple to use, easy to manage operations management & analytics platform to help multi-unit restaurant operators deliver exceptional quality and consistency at every location, every shift. Their customers use a real-time operations data feed to help them easily identify operational hot spots, mentor/coach up team members, and increase operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and sales.

About Our Partnership

The food industry spends over $80B per year on edible oil and together, the OpsAnalitica and FreshFry partnership provide restaurants with money-saving solutions for oil mismanagement. The partnership is an integration of FreshFry’s compliance checklist into the OpsAnalitica platform, which is customized for each user, as well as a formalized revenue sharing and referral opportunity.


"Now more than ever there is a need for restaurant operators to do more with less and implement sustainable processes,” says OpsAnalitica Founder Tommy Yionoulis. “We're very excited about our partnership with FreshFry and, together, we will help our customers accomplish both of those goals by enabling teams to proactively manage their Pod usage by implementing paperless repeatable processes with real-time compliance notifications and data."


FreshFry believes that frying operations are only as strong as a company’s willingness to comply with the best practices laid out, and OpsAnalitica believes that FreshFry is part of any frying operations best practices. Together, the software gives end users a simple way to measure compliance to maximize their investment, as it allows for the ability to provide same day data, connecting decisions from management to day-to-day operators, creating increased compliance and accountability.


“Our partnership together creates sustainability – with capital and investments, with oil quality staying better for longer, and with achievability,” says FreshFry Co-Founder and CEO Jeremiah Chapman.

Click here to download the official press release of our partnership with OpsAnalitica.


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