Frying Oil Test Kits are Now Available!

Testing Your Frying Oil Just Got a Whole Lot Easier!


We're so excited to now offer our FreshFry Frying Oil Test Kits to our customers! Our testing kits allow users to test the quality of their frying oil in a matter of seconds by taking a small sample of oil from the fryer and comparing the color against the color of contaminated oil so you know when to make the change. FreshFry offers both standardkits with a general discard color as well as custom kits to suit a brand’s specific discard needs. Click here to purchase your Frying Oil Testing Kit now!

Oil Test Kit Oil testing kit

Why are Frying Oil Testing Kits Important? 

When frying oil is reused multiple times, it's quality breaks down, which in effect compromises the flavor profile of the food, as well as it's health quality. Elements like water, oxygen, salt, food particles, etc. will cause oil to turn toxic quickly. It's important to check the quality of your frying oil to make sure that the food your restaurant is cooking and serving is of the highest quality possible.

Pair Oil Testing Kits with FreshFry Pods for Maximum Oil Life and Quality

When oil is filtered with FreshFry Pods, the toxins and chemicals that make oil smoke and deplete are filtered out. This leads to longer oil life and better taste, which saves you money and improves the quality of your food. For best results, pair our Fry Oil Testing Kits with FreshFry oil filter Pods to maximize your bottom line.  

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