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We have a lot of restaurants who come to us looking for a way to see FreshFry Pods in action that goes beyond testing a single fryer for 3 weeks with a full case. So, to help restaurants see how much of an impact FreshFry Pods can make at their stores, we schedule restaurant tests that allow our potential customers to see the results of using Pods over a period of time that best suits their needs. During these trials, restaurants:

  • Select 1 or more store locations to test the Pods over the trial period
  • Receive hands-on guidance for using Pods to ensure employee compliance
  • Test the oil quality each day
  • Compare their oil life and quality to that of their old filtration methods
  • Compare the taste of their food to that of their old filtration methods
  • Receive a detailed final analysis of the over-all cost savings prediction for a year of using FreshFry Pods

We have shown incredible results from testing our Pods at restaurants. A national chicken chain was able to save $8,000 at two of their locations, and Home Run Burgers & Fries was able to save over $4,000 per fryer. We've even seen recent trials result in multi-million dollar estimated annual savings across numerous franchise locations. 

But it's not just about the money. We've received feedback during our trials from employees stating that Pods are much easier to use than their previous filtration methods, and customers report tasting the difference between food cooked in oil filtered with FreshFry Pods vs food cooked without FreshFry filtration. 

What if My Team is Understaffed and I'm Not Sure We Can Roll Out a New Product?

We've seen and experienced the impact of the restaurant labor shortage first-hand, and we know it can be nerve-wracking to test a new product when you aren't sure you can make the necessary changes. We come alongside our trial clients to help ensure thorough training and compliance. Pods are one of the easiest, simplest additions you can make to your closing shift. They save filtration time, lower your risk of employee injury from hot oil, and save time on closing chores. Those who have a shortage of labor are in the perfect position for Pods to help combat the problem. 

Setting up a trial allows restaurants and franchises to see the results of using FreshFry Pods before committing to them long-term. Ready to schedule a trial? Reach out to us here.


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