Save Money on Frying Oil Without Compromising Food Quality

As Oil Prices Rise, Restaurants Must Find a Solution that Won't Affect Food Quality

Restaurants are in a tough spot these days with how high oil costs are. While pushing frying oil for 1 or 2 more days of frying can be financially beneficial, it'll cost more in reputation in the long run. Restaurant goers are eating out less frequently since COVID due to habits formed from staying home, and because of inflating food costs. Those who used to eat out 3-4 times a week have reduced that to 1-2 times. This means their experience has to be top notch in order to return, because less frequent outings mean they're searching for higher quality experiences.


What Can Restaurants Do? 

With this in mind, restaurants cannot afford to compromise their food quality, nor can they continue to sustain paying insanely high oil prices if they want to keep their doors open. Something has to give. Luckily, there's a solution that can solve both of these problems at once. They're called FreshFry Pods

What are FreshFry Pods?

FreshFry Pods are a safe, sustainable, and high quality way to purify frying oil for optimal oil performance and food quality. Pods work to remove elements like water, free fatty acids (FFA), polymers (the things that make the build up around the fryer-it's actually plastic!) and trace metals (ex. iron that comes from chicken). All of these properties make oil degrade faster and food taste less than the best, so by removing them, the quality is naturally elevated. 

In a blind taste test, customers unanimously preferred food cooked in FreshFry-purified oil over non-purified oil. When oil is cooked in unpurified oil, it not only compromises the taste, it compromises the texture. Degraded oil makes fried food soggy and lifeless. Purifying the oil with Pods ensures a crisp, light flavor. This is because food actually absorbs less oil when the oil is in a higher quality. 

Ensure Food Quality AND Save Money on Frying Oil

With FreshFry Pods, you not only ensure the quality of your oil and your ability to use it longer, you'll also save thousands of dollars over the course of a year. We have a guaranteed case policy. This means that when you purchase a case of FreshFry Pods, the Pods are going to not only pay for themselves, but they'll save you money as well. And if they don't for any reason, we'll buy that case back from you. 

On average we see customers save anywhere from $1500 to $4000 per fryer per year. We recently completed a trial with a top QSR chicken chain who is projected to save $22 million on their oil costs this year, just by using Pods. 

Pods are the answer for extending the life of your frying oil while also ensuring your food quality. Purchase your first risk-free case of Pods below. 

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