The Most Eco Friendly Brands of 2022

These Eco Friendly Brands are Making a Huge Difference for Our Planet

We don't have a backup plan-et (pun intended), so we have to take care of the one we have! With Earth Day just around the corner, we wanted to give a shout out to all the amazing environmentally friendly brands out there who are striving to make our world a better place to live for future generations. By being a consumer and/or advocate of these brands, you'll help increase the demand and awareness of all the good they're doing for our world. Let's take a look at the most eco friendly brands of 2022. 

Food-Related Eco Friendly Brands

Full Harvest

The first eco friendly brand on our list is Full Harvest. 2.5 billion tons of food goes uneaten around the world each year, just because the food items don't fit the standard visual appeal. Full Harvest is a B2B marketplace for imperfect and surplus produce that helps reduce food waste while increasing farmers’ revenues.

Beyond Meat

One of the biggest factors contributing to climate change is the meat industry. Beyond Meat dedicated to reducing that factor by disrupting the food industry. They've created the Beyond Burger and other "meats" that are plant-based, yet feel and taste similar to meat.


FreshFry at it's core is a waste repurposing company. Their FreshFry Pods reuse plant-waste to filter impurities out of frying oil. This makes the oil healthier and preserved longer, so restaurants can cut down on the amount of oil they need to use on a daily basis. FreshFry has redeployed over 10 million lbs of waste since their start in 2014. 



OLIO’s Food Waste Heroes program is a sustainable solution for businesses to provide surplus food to local communities. Whether you’re a caterer, hotel, restaurant, office, retailer or any other food business or provider, OLIO’s Food Waste Heroes programme can be a sustainable solution to your business whereby we arrange to pick up and safely redistribute your surplus food to local communities.


Next on our list of eco friendly brands is Fooducer, which accelerates B2B sales in the green food industry by providing an online tool to source and sell products for European importers & exporters.


Biolinked is an innovative, organic B2B program that provides suppliers the tools necessary to reach wholesale buyers locally and globally and helps buyers find organic food products quickly and efficiently. 

Consumer Product Eco Friendly Brands


TOMS is well known for it's philanthropic work. When you buy a pair of TOMS, a pair of new shoes is given to a child in need partnership with humanitarian organizations. In addition to these efforts, TOMS has a 6 step plan to in the works for making the company as sustainable as possible. 


Patagonia is one of the most popular eco friendly outdoor clothing brands on the market. They understand that, "everything we make has an impact on the planet," so they have a self-imposed Earth tax, 1% for the Planet, that provides support to environmental nonprofits working to defend our air, land and water around the globe.

FreshFry has repurposed 10 million lbs of waste. See how >>


This next eco friendly brand proves beauty doesn't have to be chemically enhanced. In fact, Lush is committed to showing customers that they can get the same high-quality body, face, and hair-care from all-natural ingredients, without any animal testing or dangerous chemicals. Lush products have been used and backed by countless influencers and beauty bloggers around the globe.

Bee's Wrap

Ditch disposable plastic bags, and keep food fresh with Bee's Wrap reusable food storage. They're a great way to save leftovers and pack snacks - all without plastic. 

Bee's wax wrap

Speaking of plastic...

Plastic-Reducing Eco Friendly Brands


In our world where only about 9% of plastic gets recycled, Cirplus is working to make buying and selling recycled plastics easier and more efficient. It's a marketplace for recycled plastics in the most secure, traceable, and cost-efficient way.


SourceGreenPackaging creates compostable and sustainable sustainable plastics-free packaging products. All of their packaging is biodegradable, which allows companies to "leave nothing behind."


Carbon-Reducing Eco Friendly Brands


Next on our list of eco friendly brands is Climatetrade, which aims to help companies achieve carbon neutrality by providing their innovative emission offsetting services. They connect companies willing to offset their carbon emissions to a large number of verified environmental projects. is the world’s first B2B marketplace, standard and registry focused solely on carbon removals. They help corporate buyers create a long-term procurement portfolio to neutralize their carbon footprint and reach net zero.

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Pachama allows organizations to purchase carbon credits for offsetting emissions and restoring nature by supporting forest projects through the marketplace. They believe it's not enough to reduce carbon, they're working to clear it from our atmosphere completely. 

 Marketplace Eco Friendly Brands


Grovara is the leading B2B Global Marketplace for Wellness Brands, connecting natural and organic brands with international retailers. Their platform streamlines the entire process from product discovery, order processing, to payments and fulfillment, all in a single marketplace.


LevelTen helps renewable energy buyers, sellers, advisors, and financiers get better deals done, faster. They're all about renewable transaction infrastructure
to accelerate the clean energy transition.


Last but not least on our list of eco friendly brand is Mercaris. The Mercaris Trading Platform is an online market for organic, non-GMO and other identity-preserved commodities. The Mercaris Data Service makes it easy to gain insights into Organic and non-GMO commodity prices, perform analytics, and trade identity preserved commodities.

Supporting these companies financially and/or simply being an advocate for them is how people can help them get their purposes accomplished. At FreshFry, our goal as an eco friendly brand is to transform waste into a promising future. If you or someone you know is in the restaurant industry, check out all the amazing things FreshFry Pods can do to save restaurants time, money, labor, and waste. 


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