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Fry Oil Filter Pods
SUPC: 5089113

Fry Oil Filter Pods:

The easiest way to control your Food Quality, Labor & Cost

What Are Pods?

The Pods extend oil life by maintaining your good oil.

Customers see an average of 2-3 days of oil life extension when adding Pods to their nightly checklist.

See How much you can save

What Do Customers Think?

“We cascade our oil, so the Pods allow us to get cleaner taste throughout the whole oil life. It improves the taste and the color of our fried food a great deal. It also saves us 20% on our oil cost. I will continue to use them.”

— Matt Clark, The Fishery (Louisville, KY)


See the difference

7 days of oil life

The science: removes acids, moisture and gummy oil polymers.

Results: improved food quality and extended oil life.

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