3 Ways to Know When to Change Frying Oil

Unsure of When to Change Frying Oil? Here are the 3 Best Ways to Make the Call


Every restaurant has unique needs when it comes to their frying operations. Knowing when to change frying oil can change based on what's being fried (protein items, non-protein, or both), what oil is being used, and how compliant the employees are with oil filtration and changing practices. However, there are some general rules restaurants can follow to make sure their oil isn't being used past the point where it becomes a problem. Here's how to know when to change frying oil.

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Taste is #1

Oil that's been utilized over the course of numerous days can take on flavor profiles that taste burnt, smokey, musty, bitter, etc., especially if it's not filtered properly. These flavors can easily turn customers off, and ultimately impact the success of your restaurant. It's important to protect your food quality and your restaurant's reputation by making sure that your food always tastes as great as it did with fresh oil. 

Wouldn't it be comforting to know that on your 7th day of oil usage, your food still tasted like it was cooked on day 2? FreshFry Pods filter out water, gummy polymers, and acids that deplete the flavor profile of used oil. See the results for yourself from our a blind taste test.

Because taste is the most important factor in discerning when to change frying oil, be sure that the food you serve is at a quality you're proud of, and don't reuse your oil for a single day longer than that. 

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Where There's Smoke, There's Danger

If your oil is to the point where it's smoking, it needs to be changed immediately! Not only will smoking oil completely ruin the taste and quality of your food, but smoking oil is dangerous and can become a major hazard if it continues to be used. 

Employee Compliance and Consistency

If employees are confused as to when to change frying oil, it's time to implement new protocols. Some restaurants change their oil on the same day of the week no matter how bad the oil gets (which can become a problem due to the above reasons), and other restaurants change their oil based on the color and other factors. What restaurants need is a way for employees to be able to judge the oil consistently. 

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Using a Frying Oil Test Kit allows employees to see the quality of the oil in a matter of seconds, and because every restaurant is different, these kit's can be customized to reflect the color that matches your quality standards. It's the easiest, fastest, and one of the most reliable ways to make sure your oil will deliver great food every time. 

When a Frying Oil Test Kit is used alongside FreshFry Pods for proper filtration, you can rely on your oil to be consistent, which allows your employees to be consistent as well. You can implement protocols for your employees that are easy to comply to and deliver reliable results. 

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