Sustainability in Business: How to Beat the Labor Shortage

Here are Some Helpful Ways to Improve Sustainability in Business

sustainability in business

Restaurants everywhere are feeling the crunch when it comes to attracting and retaining employees, even as the consumer demand for a quality restaurant experience increases! If you are in charge of operations, it’s difficult not to feel the push and pull of maintaining top-quality restaurant and frying operations with fewer back-of-house staff to support them.


Many restaurant owners are innovating their recruitment strategies to meet today’s shortfall. But ask anyone who has worked in a kitchen about the fryers. Do they groan? Changing frying oil is a messy, difficult, and sometimes dangerous task. But frying oil is a huge financial investment for kitchens and more expensive than ever, so it’s a great place to find savings.

Sustainable solutions shouldn’t cost you a premium; they should help to create a pathway to your businesses’ long-term sustainability.

It’s important to incorporate solutions create sustainability in business when it is staffed at any size. Sustainable solutions shouldn’t cost you a premium; they should help to create a pathway to your businesses’ long-term sustainability. When finding sustainable frying oil solutions that address today’s labor shortage, look for these six requirements:

  1. Reduces time to complete

  2. Requires little training to master

  3. Affordable

  4. Maintains equipment

  5. Supports your commitment to food quality

  6. Reduces environmental harm

A truly sustainable solution will address your labor strains, maintain quality food, and take a reduced staff less time to execute. Here’s why FreshFry Pods tackle labor shortages while creating sustainability across all areas of your frying operations.

Reduce time to complete - finish the job in less time

FreshFry Pods are a self-contained oil purification system – no measuring and dumping in messy powders, no external oil filtration, and no sticky papers and filters. Drop it in frying oil that is hot at the end of the night, and remove the used Pod the next morning. FreshFry Pod users have reduced the time it takes to complete their closing checklist by as much as 90%.

Require little training to master - choose a process anyone can complete

If you can put a fryer basket in oil, you have mastered using FreshFry Pods to extend frying oil life. It’s that simple! This easy-to-train solution also gives you more flexibility when scheduling a reduced staff. 

Affordable - save across the board

When you’re consistently extending the life of your frying oil, you’re changing the oil less often, buying more frying oil less often, reducing overhead labor costs, and reallocating your time to other needs in the kitchen. FreshFry Pods were designed to maintain the balance in the back of a busy kitchen. 

Maintain your equipment - avoid costly repairs

FreshFry Pods reduce the need for messy filtering. You’ll notice less oil on the floor of the kitchen, no grease smell in the restaurant, and the backs of the fryers will stay cleaner, longer.

Commit to quality - keep your eye on the prize

FreshFry Pods extract the invisible impurities that degrade oil over time, making it dark, smoky, and bitter. If your oil is cleaner, your food tastes better! Clean oil keeps your food crispy and light longer into the frying oil life. When you invest in systems that help you to focus on quality, your customers will taste the difference and take note.


Reduce environmental harm - create less waste

Eliminating food waste is a huge initiative in the restaurant industry. FreshFry Pods are derived from plants that would otherwise go to the landfill. For every Pod used, almost 9 pounds of waste is redeployed. Savvy consumers will appreciate you for your commitment to sustainability and for providing a healthy oil solution.

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