The Environmental Sustainability Pledge of FreshFry

Our Commitment to Waste Redeployment & Environmental Sustainability

The Environmental Sustainability Pledge of FreshFry

Why Earth Day Matters

It’s been 51 years since the first Earth Day in 1970, when a passionate group of people convened to demand support for environmental protection. At FreshFry, we honor the principles of environmental sustainability through practice. Now more than ever is the time to adopt practices that not only reduce waste, but creatively redeploy it. FreshFry was founded because we believe waste can be transformed into a promising future. And those solutions exist, right now.

The FreshFry Pod Prevents Food Waste

The FreshFry Pod leverages proprietary technology to redeploy (reuse) plant-based food waste into a safe, simple-to-use, frying oil purification system. We know that the dynamic sustainability the FreshFry Pod offers will benefit your business in many ways—from preserving your bottom line through less oil consumption and expensive filtration equipment purchases, to reducing your team’s labor with fewer oil changes—all while maintaining your food quality with cleaner oil. Adopting Pods as part of your daily operations lends to the creation of an environmentally responsible kitchen, providing guests with the assurance that their fried food has been prepared using earth-friendly products and practices.

We understand that impact is greater than intent. To date, FreshFry has redeployed over 7.1 Million pounds of waste since our founding in 2014. And we’re just getting started!

Our Pledge

We pledge to redeploy 10 Million pounds of waste by the end of this year, and One Billion pounds of waste by 2031. 

Become a part of the movement toward user-friendly, eco-friendly kitchen products with FreshFry!

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On behalf of all of us at FreshFry, thank you for joining us.

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