Powder or Pods? Which is Best for Deep Fryer Oil Filtration

Filter Powders vs. FreshFry Pods

Let’s face it, you have been promised up to 50% oil savings for decades. How is that possible when the labor for deep fryer oil filtration is up 91% over the past 30 years, and has pressures to double over the next 3 years?

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Anyone that really cares to make an impact for you will openly say “I don't know.”

The concept of cleaning frying oil has been around for almost 100 years, but the filter powder messaging remains untouched. The need for clean oil still exists but is far beyond cost of oil. Fried foods contain 10-40% oil, so to please your customers, you must maintain clean oil with deep fryer oil filtration. So, let’s think differently. Which technology is a better fit for your team and your future?

Here are some things you should think about to help make the best decision for yourself.

Is it easy?

Labor costs are under pressure, employee turnover is high and consumer preferences are increasingly challenging. Therefore, suppliers must admit that the value clean oil promises only matters if it can be executed consistently and mastered. If you have existing systems for oil filtration, great! Now, how easy is it to master?

The industry demands it to be easy. The human brain can only work so hard before it hits a wall. The effort it will take to figure out a new problem is the maximum your brain can work. Difficulty can only decrease when mastery of the problem increases. When mastery is achieved, your employees are free to deliver maximum value.

When mastery is achieved, your employees are free to deliver maximum value. 

What habits do you already have?

It was recently announced that Pizza Hut is getting full value of delivery drivers within 5 hours. Why is Pizza Hut able to do this? My thought is that they have an excellent training program that has cleverly buttoned itself to a habit that today’s drivers already have — driving with GPS. The time and cost of mastery is included with the candidate.

Dropping a Pod takes the same mastered action as frying food, which an employee does hundreds of times a day. Using FreshFry Pods does not create a new skill to master, but is taking an already mastered skill and delivering more value from it.

Refresh your training process.

Where does your training around frying oil stand? Can you commit to training to mastery, or do you rely on your seasoned employee to not leave? Have you come to a crossroads because you know a poorly executed plan is worse than not doing it at all?

So FreshFry Pods or Filter Powder?

You tell me.

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