Labor & Oil Costs are on the Rise: Here's How to Save Time & Money

See How Much You Can Save on Labor & Oil Costs This Year

The aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic has yet to come into full fruition, and restaurants are really feeling the pain of rising labor costs. There's one other expense that's on the rise too - frying oil costs are higher than they've been in years. In fact, palm oil and soybean oil make up 60 percent of global production of vegetable oils, and the average price for palm oil is expected to be around $975/mt in 2021, which is much higher than industry watchers predicted.


How Can Restaurants Save Time and Money on Labor and Oil Costs?

There are a few key ways to save when it comes to labor and oil costs:

  1. Find a supplier you trust - In an effort to recoup lost funds, some suppliers may try to take advantage of the upcoming increases in vegetable oil prices. Be sure to choose a reputable vegetable oil supplier who will provide quality products at fair prices. 
  2. Add a 20% tip onto guests' final bill - Everyone is looking to cut a few dollars here and there when possible, even restaurant patrons. This strategy to spend less is only making the labor shortage that much greater. Adding a tip into the final bill total ensures that your employees are taken care and not cheated out of hard earned cash at no extra cost to you.
  3. Use FreshFry Pods to filter your oil - Our pods extend the life of your oil and cut down on the time it takes employees to filter it. Click below for a quick, easy Cost & Time Savings analysis to see how much you can save by using FreshFry Pods to filter frying oil. 


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