Frying Oil Test Kit - 2 Rod Dark Colors

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The FreshFry Dual Rod Frying Oil Test Kit gives you the flexibility to choose your oil discard point. Oil looks much darker in a fryer.

This dark color dual rod test kit is best used for restaurants that fry proteins and heavily breaded food items. 

Use the dropper to take a small oil sample and compare it to the two colors on the test kit. Maintaining clean, fresh oil enhances the flavor and overall appearance of fried foods. Combine the Frying Oil Test Kit with FreshFry Pods for improved oil quality and extended oil life.

Made in the USA

Custom discard colors are available! Learn more about our Optimized Performance Point service.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mike H.
Surprisingly works

We piloted the product for two weeks and we’re able to shave off two days of changing oil. Which saves us a lot of money. Probably the first fry pod I’ve tried that actually works.

Niel Patel
frying oil kit

that help more then we have not before save my oil longer time

Zaineb Athar
Oil Saver

We realized we were throwing away frying oil way too early. Using the kit we realized we could fry for a few more days saving us money in the long run!!

Nick Brewer

Frying Oil Test Kit - 2 Rod 5-6

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