CASE STUDY: National Chicken Wing Concept Saves $8k with FreshFry at 2 Locations

See How Two Louisville Chicken Restaurants Saved over $8,000 using FreshFry Pods to Filter their Frying Oil


One of the most popular chicken wing restaurants in the nation wanted to maximize their frying oil operations at two of their Louisville locations. To do this, they sought the help of FreshFry to enhance their oil life and quality, optimize oil management and labor, and reduce overall oil costs. 

The results of this case study were achieved over the period of an 8 week trial, of which 3 weeks were used to actively test FreshFry Pods. In this case study, you'll learn how 2 wing restaurants were able to:

  • Notice a visible difference in the fryers, even after just one night of use.
  • See improvement in the cleanliness of the "catchall grate" at the bottom of their fryers.
  • Break the habit of pre-scheduled oil management days, thanks to both color and TPM measurement improvements.
  • Achieved oil filtration compliance from employees with easy to monitor management.
  • Use less oil for top-offs.
  • Achieve 2-4 days quality oil life extension.
  • Save over $8,000 annually between the two stores.

Click here to download the case study and learn how FreshFry Pods can help you achieve similar results as the Louisville chicken wings locations. 

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