Better Frying Oil, Naturally


FreshFry Pods:

The easiest way to control your Food Quality, Labor & Cost.

Pods purify frying oil naturally, using upcycled plant scraps.

What are Pods?

The Pods extend oil life by maintaining your good oil.

Customers see an average of 2-3 days of oil life extension when adding Pods to their nightly checklist.

How much can you save?

Run our time and cost savings calculator to find out.

What Do Customers Think?

“Clean oil that looks great and tastes great is a key ingredient to our great food here... That’s why we trust FreshFry to clean our fryers at the end of every single day.”

— Chef Brian Morris, Hattie B's Hot Chicken

NRA Show Special Offer

Purchase your first case of Pods during the 2022 National Restaurant Show, and receive a FREE Frying Oil Test Kit.

Use the promo code 2022NRA at checkout.

Limit 1 per customer, new customers only and expires Friday, May 27, 2022.

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