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Thank you for choosing FreshFry Pods; the only plan-based and self-contained frying oil purification system on the market! Saving money has never been easier.

Oil Quality FAQs

- Useable life of oil is longer.
- Oil changes are needed less often.
- Oil top-offs are smaller.
- Oil quality is more consistent.

With regular use of FreshFry Pods, you will notice that the frying oil remains lighter for longer. Tasting your food is a great way to ensure quality!

The Pod removes water, acids and burnt flavors left from food and older oil. Your food will remain light, golden in color, and crispy in texture. Your oil will stay clearer for longer, and there will be a reduction in smoking and burning smells.

Use the Frying Oil Test Kit daily along with Pods to examine oil color. When it matches the color rod, your oil is ready for discard.

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